I took a lot of pictures today. The light was so beautiful from the moment the sun peeked over the horizon and spilled into the windows. I was actually in the middle of brushing my teeth when I saw it and had to run for my camera and take a few pictures with my toothbrush still stuck in my mouth. Johnny laughed at me, but luckily he understands how this can be as a photographer. Pretty light doesn’t wait.

After breakfast and getting some work done, we went out for the afternoon to take pictures. We drove around one of the peninsulas and took a walk at Birch Point State Park. At the park we met a lady from Tennessee who said it was creepy walking around there and asked if we had seen the bear tracks on the road. I’m fairly certain they were actually made by a coyote but I didn’t want to disappoint her vivid imagination, so I just told her to stay safe on her walk back to her car.

After the light was gone we went out for Taco Tuesday at one of our favorite local places. Johnny had a really good stout that was locally craft brewed. I always feel it’s an extra nice compliment to American beers if my German husband likes them. Before we drove home, we stopped by our studio and talked about what we would like to do with renovation and decorating. We’re very lucky that we are so matching with our ideas.

This image was, unexpectedly, my favorite from the day. It was something I saw last minute while Johnny was walking down the stairs from our studio, and I didn’t think at the time that it came out. I got a few pictures today that turned out nicely (that doesn’t always happen) but while I looked at those and thought, hey, that’s a good picture, this one struck a different chord. It moves me when I look at it. It makes me feel, while the others were just aesthetically pleasing. I wonder if anyone else has that with their pictures? For me there’s such a differentiation between when I take a good picture, and when a picture takes me.