Day 356

We had a good breakfast this morning with smoked salmon and eggs. I traveled most of the day today, and will be traveling tomorrow. We’re picking up more family from the airport tomorrow too. It will be a houseful this Christmas!


Day 355

These are the hands.


Day 354

I love these cozy winter evenings around the holidays. I started a book, The Joy Luck Club, and planned the Christmas Day menu. It feels so surreal that this time is here now. I thought about it all year – when it’s Christmas, I’ll be almost finished with my 365 project. That felt so far away then. Now, looking backward, I realize how fast a year goes. I’m happy that I have a picture from every single day to remember it better. 354 photographs, each a little window into my life.


Day 353

It rained all day, melting a good 6 inches of snow that had accumulated yesterday and making for a cozy day at home. We had a good pancake breakfast, played games, talked and just enjoyed each other’s company. Days like these, without expectations or to-do lists, make me feel very happy and peaceful.


Day 352

Gary got his copy of Arriving Home today. He was blown away by it, just as I was. I can’t wait for everyone else to receive theirs.

We went down to Boston and picked up our family – the weather was terrible for driving and the flight was delayed 2 hours, but we made it home safely and had a lot of fun along the way, and that’s all that really matters.


Day 351

Today was busy and a lot of fun. We finished up preparations for family coming to visit tomorrow, and worked on packing and shipping Johnny’s book out. Arriving Home is so beautiful. The layout and design is perfect and I love all of the photos Johnny picked from his 365 project. Little pieces of the last year of our life, pulled together into a very gentle and wonderful story of home.


Day 350

…and done!

We’ve been shopping up a storm this week and we finally got the last few things checked off the holiday list today. Funny enough, the one thing we couldn’t seem to find was a tree stand for our Christmas tree. We looked at maybe 10 stores both here and in Portland over the last 2 weeks, and everyone was sold out. Today we went from one store to the next in Rockland (to places we don’t normally shop) in complete desperation. On our second to last stop, we lucked out.

So now I can exhale and focus on fun things like preparing the menu, wrapping gifts and stealing glances at the little dusting of snow we have outside.

I love Christmas!


Day 349

We went to Portland today. Almost done with the Christmas shopping!


Day 348

Of course there must be lots of Magic in the world, but people don’t know what it is like or how to make it.

– Frances Hodgson Burnett


Day 347

I was really busy with work and a little bit overwhelmed with all of the preparations I have to do for Christmas this week. We stopped in at Hello Hello bookstore and were able to get a couple of nice gifts there after we had lunch. I’m looking forward to having everything wrapped and under the tree. We have family coming on the 17th for the holidays, so I hope to have preparations finished by then.

Last night it snowed and we woke up to a world of white, but the temperature was already climbing by 6am and it started to rain. The snow disappeared and now it’s just really wet. I’m guessing that, like last year, we’ll get snow off and on but it won’t really stick permanently until January. We’ll see.