Day 347

I was really busy with work and a little bit overwhelmed with all of the preparations I have to do for Christmas this week. We stopped in at Hello Hello bookstore and were able to get a couple of nice gifts there after we had lunch. I’m looking forward to having everything wrapped and under the tree. We have family coming on the 17th for the holidays, so I hope to have preparations finished by then.

Last night it snowed and we woke up to a world of white, but the temperature was already climbing by 6am and it started to rain. The snow disappeared and now it’s just really wet. I’m guessing that, like last year, we’ll get snow off and on but it won’t really stick permanently until January. We’ll see.


Day 346

I had a hard time picking my shot for today (which has been a rare occurrence lately, as I usually don’t get more than one picture I think is usable per day, if at all). On our way to have coffee this morning I saw this beautiful frozen field and two horses grazing. I took a few photos of the horses and then while I was photographing these little frozen berries, a gust of wind kicked up some of the ice for just a second. It looks like it was snowing, but it wasn’t. It was pure luck being in the right place at the right time and ready to take the picture. I love how wintery it feels.

(Processed with Lagoon from Rebecca Lily Pro Set IV.)


Day 345

We went shopping in Portland today for Christmas. I love this time of year, everything is so festive and joyful and all of the stores are full of seasonal things that I love to look at. On our drive home it was dark and there were lots of Christmas lights on the houses, candles in the windows and garlands above the doors. Everything says “welcome home”. That is about the closest I can describe the feeling I have.

Around Christmas I always get very sentimental about the holiday traditions growing up, when we went to my grandparents’ house in New Orleans and they brought out the same decorations every year from the time I was a baby. I took pictures the last year I was there for Christmas (2009) and I am so happy I did that. I have a picture of my grandmother setting the big dining room table for Christmas dinner. She has died since then and the house I knew as my “Christmas house” for most of my life now belongs to someone else. It’s a cherished reminder to savor what is present and preserve it to memory. And I don’t mean that necessarily needs to be making photographs – it’s about being present in the experience, recognizing that nothing lasts forever.


Day 344

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.

– Emily Brontë

Happy birthday, Johnny Patience. The world is a better and more beautiful place with you in it.


Day 343

Today I am feeling so grateful for my husband Johnny.

I had a difficult last few weeks and he was an anchor for me – never judgmental or offering a quick fix, just there to listen, and comfort, and support.

Not many people in the world find the balance between being strong for someone they love and being compassionate at the same time. Johnny is both. He is in my life for 7 years and after all this time, I only discover that my love for him grows stronger.


Day 342

Today we had snow again. I sat in my living room and watched it fall lazily over our backyard. It felt like being inside of a snow globe.

A little piece of my heart always belonged to Maine, I think.


Day 341

I wish I had something profound to write about for this last month of my project. Or at least, great pictures that speak volumes about how much this project has benefitted my life and my photography.

But I don’t. For now, I am showing up day by day, and that is the best I can do.


Day 340

We had our second snowfall today, and this time it accumulated on the ground and on the fence posts and tree branches before melting away about an hour later. A little taste of the winter wonderland that is to come.


Day 339

I had such a good breakfast today. Rosemary bread from the bakery, toasted and topped with an olive oil/butter spread, half an avocado, smoked salmon, an egg and freshly ground salt and pepper.

I finished a historical novel about Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen of England for only 9 days as a 16 year old. Tudor England fascinates me ever since I was a girl and found out that I’m related on my mother’s side to Anne Boleyn. What a terrible, tumultuous time in history.

Johnny and I went on a walk in the woods just before sundown. This picture demonstrates what I love about the Leica M9. In the right light, you leave the files untouched and they are perfect.


Day 338

If you could see your whole life laid out in front of you, would you change things?

We saw a movie tonight called The Arrival. It was a beautiful story, certainly not the typical science fiction alien-invasion film. The movie explored concepts of language, free will and our perception of time. It has me thinking a lot.