Day 336

It was a day of simple comforts. A little time with my book, wrapped up a quilt. A warm dinner at home. Messages with a friend. Interesting talks with Johnny. A macchiato.

I don’t feel that I need much to be happy, but peace and quiet is very important to me.


Day 335

Away past the lake
Went the fly and the frog.
Away past the lake
Ran the cat and the dog.

They went past a shed,
And they went up a hill.
I ran! And I said,
“I will stop them, I will!”

The fly does not know that the frog is not mad.
The frog does not know that the cat is not bad.
The cat runs in fear of the dog, I can tell.
“If I can stop HIM, then all will be well!”

– Mike & Marshall McClintock, A Fly Went By


Day 334

I like when you see the first signs of the seasons. Like the first little green shoots in the spring, and the first yellows and reds in the leaves, and the first frosts.

I’m noticing winter everywhere, even without snow. The light is silvery again, and in the evenings I see very faded pink over everything. In the spring and summer it’s warmer and more yellow.

Photography is such a gift. It makes you so aware of these subtleties and fleeting moments around you. In that respect I think I will miss this daily practice. When the 365 is finished, I don’t think I will pay as much attention.


Day 333

Maybe I think too much.


Day 332

We drove our family to the airport in Boston today and then had dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousins.

I so love and appreciate them.


Day 331

Today was a strange day. It felt like one second everything was one way and the next it was another, and I couldn’t figure out the path from A to B.

The funny thing was, I saw someone else had said the exact same thing on Twitter. Maybe it’s some weird alignment of the planets.

I’m barely keeping up with my project these days. I have no motivation to take pictures and it feels so forced. That isn’t something I like very much. I wonder if the entire last 5 weeks will be like that, or if at some point I’ll find my way back to a happy place.


Day 330

It is good people who make good places.

– Anna Sewell


Day 329

Happy Thanksgiving!

We drove to Boston this morning and were treated to a wonderful feast with family and friends, next to a cozy wood fire.

It felt good to laugh today.


Day 328

We have family here visiting for Thanksgiving, and today was very busy with preparations. I made a maple pumpkin pie and a few side dishes to bring to Boston tomorrow.


Day 327

Comforts of home.